Terms & Conditions

General Terms

The contract between SimplifyQB and the client will be on the said terms & conditions and agreed details. Any changes to terms and conditions of the company shall have no effect unless approved by SimplifyQB through a confirmation email from the client.

The description of the work to be carried out shall be as mentioned in the confirmation order email from SimplifyQB

Development Stages and Delivery

The commencement of the work by Simplifyqbnow.com is dependent on the receipt of agreed deposit along with contract or confirmation email. Unlimited design revisions will be provided by SimplifyQB before the design approval from client at no extra charge.

The design approval email will be sent to Simplifyqbnow.com by client. Any changes after the approval will be subjected to additional charges. After approval, the chosen design will be converted into web functional format by SimplifyQB

We will require the feedback of client on the completion of all inner pages. The test for each and every module might be requested by Accounting-Bookkeeping.ca all the requirements. Changes will be made according to client’s feedback. The final delivery of the site will be made after fulfilling all the requirements.


The warranty is valid for 30 days from delivery of any development by Simplifyqbnow.com The “warranty” includes small adjustments, functional problems & repair, moderate changes in the content, error reporting, along with training and support in specific cases. If there are any malfunctioning areas that may need attention within the warranty period, then Simplifyqbnow.com may offer the correction with no charges. After warranty expiration all changes will be chargeable.

Timeline of the Development and Payment schedule

A development schedule will be set up after the order confirmation by client. Simplifyqbnow.com will demonstrate the first design in 24 hours. We will require feedback from client at every development stage. Any delay in feedback from client may result in delay in development of the project.

The expected completion date provided by Simplifyqbnow.com is an estimate. Accounting-Bookkeeping.ca will try to make sure all projects are delivered on time, but cannot guarantee the project be completed within the due date. Simplifyqbnow.com will ‘however’ notify the client, in advance, if any delay in the delivery of the work is expected and will also disclose the reason of delay.

Content & Graphics Materials

All the contextual and graphical materials provided by client must follow the copyright law. Simplifyqbnow.com will not be liable for any enforcement by third party for such contents provided by clients.

Simplifyqbnow.com may test the data provided by client for web functioning test. However, client themselves will need to check for the copyright compliance of each material and remove all test data. SimplifyQB may need to provide graphical contents during the design; however, the materials will be royalty free.

After delivery of the website to Client, Simplifyqbnow.com is not liable for any copyright infringement, which may include any pictures, or animations etc. Simplifyqbnow.com may also not be liable for any copyright violation during the web design and testing.

Termination of Agreement

The customer at his/her sole decision may terminate the agreement. If the termination notice is received in writing within 10 days, the development will be stopped immediately.

However, the development will be stopped and the unfinished work can be provided to the client if required. Any termination notice after the design demonstration will stop further development; however the payment will be needed to be paid in full.

Simplifyqbnow.com may terminate the contract if client demands unlawful elements during the development or if client demands beyond agreed terms both financially. All the requirement and instruction from the client must be in electronic format (email or word document). Simplifyqbnow.com may not accept verbal instruction.


All property of the website belongs to Simplifyqbnow.com until the payment is cleared. Once the payment is cleared, the website is handed over to the client. All content provided by the client are ownership of client if the work is not stopped unexpectedly.

Service & Maintenance

Simplifyqbnow.com will not provide any support beyond the period of warranty. The service and maintenance are subject to service plan chosen by the client. If client do not buy any service plan from Accounting-Bookkeeping.ca, Security or data loose of the website is client’s responsibility. Simplifyqbnow.com will not be responsible for any malicious or virus attack on the website, which may lead to data loss or corruption.

Simplifyqbnow.com will still help or support client beyond the service period with additional cost.

Control Panel & FTP

Simplifyqbnow.com will provide all Control Panel details and the FTP access details to the client for safe keeping once the payment is cleared.

Missing Payments & Delaying Project

Simplifyqbnow.com believes that every customer is valuable, and if the customer is unable to pay the fees or provide us website content due to any reason, they should be allowed more time, which is why we offer all our customers 7-day leverage for clearing their dues or sending us website content. An email will be sent to the customer notifying them about the missing payment or required content. However, if the customer is unable to pay or provide us content within the given time, his/her project will be suspended until dues are cleared or full content are provided for the project.

Client need to email Simplifyqbnow.com a time frame for the payment or content. If client require longer time to pay or provide content, Simplifyqbnow.com cannot engage the developers for that project anymore and had to re assign the developer with some other project.


All communication between the client and Simplifyqbnow.com will be handled via a registered email address. If the client has changed their email address, then Simplifyqbnow.com should be informed as soon as possible. We do not guarantee completion of any instructions given by client over the phone. Throughout the project, the client will have to keep communication with Simplifyqbnow.com whenever Simplifyqbnow.com sends an email. If there is no response from client within 7 days, then a set of emails will be sent to client, and if the user still fails to respond then their project will be terminated.


Simplifyqbnow.com will not be held responsible for any data lose malware attack, hacking and virus infection in to the server. However such an event occur Simplifyqbnow.com will act immediately to resolve the issue. Client must allow designated time to resolve such issue accordingly mentioned in our website. In an even of website disappearance due to hacking or virus attack, Simplifyqbnow.com will only provide the immediate restore point created automatically for the past 7 days from the time of site disappearance.

Business Performance

Simplifyqbnow.com is limited to the update of the website and its components. Simplifyqbnow.com is not responsible for anything affecting the business of the client including drop of sales or profitability that might be claimed is a result of a service offered by Simplifyqbnow.com

Service Limitation

Simplifyqbnow.com will not provide any template design and modification. If client wants Simplifyqbnow.com to alter the appearance of the web template or the application preference and functionality, both parties need to negotiate the financial issues prior to the commencement.

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