WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) used in creating websites and blogs. Therefore, mastering in WordPress has become a need of the hour for many. We, at simplifyqbnow.com, offer WordPress training tailored to individual or company requirements.

We cater to following skill levels:

  1. WordPress training Editor access: In this, we provide basic knowledge of WordPress that includes how to edit and maintain WordPress blogs or websites
  2. WordPress training Administrator access: Under this, we introduce various additional options available like the functionality and menus.
  3. WordPress teaching for Developers: WordPress themes are an integral part of WordPress. We provide training on basic fundamentals required to update your current blog or website as well as how to create a new theme.

Simplifyqbnow.com On-site training for WordPress includes a wide list of items. It can be tailored as per individual needs and requirements.

  1. Introduction to Editor and Administrator access levels
  2. Updating and publishing WordPress pages and posts
  3. How to improve/update Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on pages
  4. Speed up your website

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