OpenOffice program is a free, open-source alternative for Microsoft Office suite. This software is mainly useful in writing documents, creating databases, and using spreadsheets.

We, at Simplifyqbnow.com, provide an extensive training of the features and functions of Open Office programs i.e. Writer, Calc and Impress.

After completing the rigorous on-site training course, your will be able to use OpenOffice programs efficiently during everyday work.

Simplifyqbnow.com On-site training for OpenOffice includes a wide list of items. One can customize it as per individual needs and requirements.

  1. Introducing OpenOffice.
  2. Understanding file formats.
  3. Understanding the compatibility with other office suites.


  1. Getting familiar with program interface.
  2. Creating document content.
  3. Entering text, symbols, and special characters.
  4. Finding words and phrases.
  5. Inserting and modifying graphics. Diagrams.
  6. Working with tables and lists.
  7. Creating and modifying tables.
  8. Inserting ordered and bulleted lists.
  9. Formatting content. Using styles.
  10. Formatting words, paragraphs, pages.
  11. Working with header and footer.
  12. Understanding styles.
  13. Understanding main differences between OpenOffice Writer and Microsoft Office Word.
  14. Printing. Setting printing options.


  1. Getting familiar with program interface.
  2. Entering data.
  3. Copying and filling ranges.
  4. Working with data.
  5. Inserting and editing formulas.
  6. Useful functions.
  7. Sorting and filtering data.
  8. Understanding main differences between OpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Office Excel.
  9. Formatting.
  10. Printing.
  11. Preparing a document for printing.
  12. Charts.
  13. Pivot Tables


  1. Getting familiar with program interface.
  2. Creating presentations.
  3. Using templates.
  4. Entering and editing text.
  5. Inserting tables.
  6. Inserting pictures and graphics.
  7. Setting transitions between slides.

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