With the constant advancements in web, it has become imperative for the web designers and web developers to be in sync with the latest techniques and best practices.

We, at Simplifyqbnow.com, aim to provide the right on-site training and provide the team with adequate knowledge and confidence to perform to the best of their abilities.

Our team of highly experienced trainers have been successfully conducting on-site training sessions and development workshops to ensure that they:

  1. Are customized as per your team’s exact needs
  2. Are tailored to accommodate different knowledge levels
  3. Enable team members to learn in a familiar environment

Our Trainings are interactive and also include discussion sessions. The below mentioned courses can be tailored to meet the needs of your team.

Introduction to HTML: This includes learning about basic elements and attributes, how to create accessible markup including building accessible tables and forms, valid code, semantic markup and web standards.

Introduction to HTML5: This includes Introduction to HTML5 layout elements, form elements and attributes, video and how to create video across all modern browsers.

Responsive web Design Courses: This course covers the basics of RWD including: Responsive type, Media queries, creating simple fluid images, Grid systems and responsive layouts.

Real world RWD:This course covers Responsive navigation, Fluid video, Responsive forms, Responsive tables & images and Retrofit an existing site.

Introduction to CSS:This includes learning about linking CSS to HTML files, rule sets, selectors, basic styling, inheritance and cascade.

CSS in depth:This includes learning advanced concepts like Object Oriented CSS, frameworks, building CSS for huge or high traffic sites and building responsive layouts.

Hands-on CSS3: This includes learning what CSS3 is, learning some of the key basics, CSS3 colors and selectors, text-shadow, box shadow, border-radius, gradients and font-face.


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